The Songs of Solomon

The Music of Salamone Rossi

November 9, 2023
Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral
PLA Presents

Event Location:
Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, 19 South 38th Street

Explore the world of Salamone Rossi, a Jewish composer working in Italy at the same time as Claudio Monteverdi. Largely ignored until the 20th century, Rossi was a multifaceted musician who wrote for the glittering court of Mantua as well as for the synagogue. The first known musician to compose a collection of choral motets in Hebrew, Rossi’s The Songs of Solomon (1623) were an innovative development in Jewish devotional music. Meg Bragle, mezzo-soprano and Penn Department of Music Artist-in-Residence, returns to our stage alongside the chamber ensemble, Filament, and other nationally renowned artists to create a portrait in sound of this intriguing and talented composer.

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Meg Bragle photo credit: Tatiana Daubek